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It’s not like we didn’t know this already but Aston Martin confirmed today that the Toyota iQ based compact Cygnet will go into production in 2011 at the company’s Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire. (more…)


The stylish Masonry Cyrus was unveiled in Frankfurt and it makes nice use of carbon fiber.

When Mansory wants to give it to us good, they know how. This is the Mansory Cyrus (Khouresh Mansory told us that Cyrus was the first king of Iran), and – even though every other colleague here disagrees with us – we feel it the best use of carbon fiber we’ve seen since we’ve been here. The car is DB9 based and has been redone in aerospace, pre-preg carbon fiber, and gets 28 extra horses. (more…)


We found the Aston Martin One-77 tucked between hospitality tables like a manta ray brooding within a coral reef — as if it were grudgingly consenting to being looked at. With a roofline that sits about four inches lower than a DBS, the minimal height and exceptional girth combine with a slew of pronounced features to create one angry car. (more…)


A scanned rendering of the Aston Martin Rapide’s interior, claimed to be taken from an official brochure, has slid onto the Internet, and judging by the images, occupants will get the full GT experience no matter where they’re seated. (more…)


The Aston Martin Vantage GT4 might be worthy on the track, but what if you want a lightened, hardened Vantage for the street, à la Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera and Ferrari’s F430 Scuderia? Then you have Elite to thank for this, the LMV/R. The car is lightened with the use of carbon fiber body panels and interior kit, widened with bespoke fenders, and given a Galpin Motorsports-esque wheel and tuning treatment. (more…)

aston_martin_one_77_press_001Aston Martin is building a pre-production version of the One-77 supercar that will take on the Nurburgring, reports AutoCar. Sources say that the unit you see at auto shows is just a running prototype and the next stage of the car’s development is to build a pre-production version for fine tuning at the Nurburgring, where Aston Martin has a facility. (more…)

cygnet-front1Buyers of Aston Martin’s new Cygnet will be able to customise their city car in the same way as the company’s most expensive models, it has been revealed.