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The 2009 Hummer H3T Alpha, akin to the S-10, does well with offroading. With a five-foot bed it can accommodate up to 1/2 a ton.

The H3T Alpha, despite sharing DNA with the S-10, is more than a spruced up mid-size truck. The five-foot bed is separate from the cab (unlike an Avalanche or H2) and can accommodate a load up to a 1/2 ton, so that means a pair of dirtbikes are no problem with the tailgate down. Most important, though, are the upgrades to the drivetrain, including e-locker differentials from Eaton, and a high- and low-range transfer case.



The U.S. armed services is considering a new vehicle to replace the HUMVEE. One contender is a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle by Navistar and BAE Systems, Inc, a British defense firm. It has a modular design for easy mission adaptations, and is shaped to better withstand roadside bombs.

Now that the Hummer — the original Hummer H1 — is distinctly out of flavor, the U.S. armed services are busy looking for its replacement. Having put out a request for proposals, one of the supposed leading candidates is this: a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle developed by Navistar and BAE Systems, Inc, a British defense industry firm. The two together already provide the H1’s temporary replacement, the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.