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2011 Genesis Coupe

After holding its own against more established rear-wheel-drive coupe offerings such as the Ford Mustang and the Nissan Z, Hyundai is updating its Genesis coupe for the 2011 model year. (more…)


Joining the Hyundai ix35 (known to us as the Tucson) at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show will be the ix-Metro Concept, the fifth in the¬†Hyundai Namyang Design (HND) series of concept cars to be created by the Global Design Team in Korea. (more…)


What you’re gawking at appear to be the first undisguised images of Hyundai’s forthcoming Sonata sedan caught by the folks at Hyundai Blog during what appears to be a photo shoot (check out the interior cutaway above), likely in its home market of Korea (check out the badging on the decklid). (more…)


The first official images of the Hyundai Equus interior were leaked when the car was launched in South Korea earlier in the week.

Hyundai has developed a new large luxury saloon to replace its Equus flagship and now the first official images of the car have leaked following the launch of the vehicle at a press event in South Korea earlier this week. The new model continues the Equus name in its home market but latest reports indicate that the car could eventually be sold in the U.S. (more…)

2010_hyundai_equus_images_1-smallEarlier this year Hyundai released the exterior sketches of its upcoming 2010 Equus large luxury-sedan. (more…)


According to an insider at Hyundai Erope, Hyundai is working on a competitor to Toyota’s iQ.

As reported by Autoblog:

It is codenamed “green baby,” and it is Hyundai’s answer to the Toyota iQ. A Hyundai Europe insider hinted that the car could be funkier and “more basic and functional” than the iQ. (more…)

hyundai-equus-smallTake a Hyundai Genesis, put it in a giant taffy machine and give it a serious stretch out, add some details like a reshaped rear three-quarter and some Lexus LS exhaust tips, then call it the Hyundai Equus. (more…)