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Prior to the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Lotus talked about the ‘dawn of a new era’ for the company and with five new concept cars, a new era it was. The new Louts Elite concept showed a new GT car; the Lotus Elise concept showed a more ‘grown up’ version of the sports car; the Lotus Elan concept previewed a model that would most likely replace the Evora; the Lotus Esprit concept previewed the next-generation that will debut sometime in 2013; and the Lotus Eterne concept showed a sedan planned for production in 2015. (more…)


British legend Lotus is turning its back on the past and planning a bold new future!

Sources have confirmed that the  company will use October’s Paris Motor Show to unveil four new concepts – which will break new ground for a brand known for lightweight, economical sports machines. (more…)


We have liftoff on the next Lotus Esprit. Finally. Scuttlebutt at the beginning of the year suggested it was taking so long because Lotus was pondering some sort of hybrid system for the car. More recently the talk has turned to three specimens from Toyota’s book of engines, including the Lexus LFA’s V10, and the word “hybrid” disappeared. (more…)


The Melkus RS2000 at Frankfurt was unveiled, built by East German race car builder, Melkus.

Three years ago Melkus, the historic, East German race car builder, released renderings of a gullwing sports car they wanted to have ready in 2009. It always makes us happy to see the passionate guy make big plans and then get them achieved – on time even – and the Melkus RS2000 is the culmination of that achievement. Based on an Elise, it rides on a Melkus-designed aluminum double-wishbone suspension and wears a glass-fiber reinforced polyester body. (more…)


Lotus’ line of Exige Cup has generated somewhat of a cult following with dedicated fans of the vehicle since its inception with the Lotus Exige Cup 240 in 2006. During the last 4 model years, Exige Cup cars have been sold either for racing on the track or for pure road-going adrenaline. (more…)

LOTUS Esprit-front
A legendary Lotus is returning – it’s the new Esprit! The dust has only just settled on the stunning Evora, but already the Norfolk firm is setting its sights even higher. And our exclusive pictures show how the reborn supercar will take shape.