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According to Maserati, the new Quattroporte Sport GT S “sets another milestone in terms of sportiness in the high performance luxury sedan segment,” and it also seems to be going for a record for one car’s number of syllables. (more…)


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Maserati releases a video on the GranTurismo S displaying a powerful version of their sport-luxury vehicle. The video shows exciting footage of the GranTurismo S in action.

As reported by Autoblog:

There’s really only one thing Maserati could have done to make us want its GranTurismo more than we already did. And from the looks of things, they hit the nail right on the head with the GranTurismo S, the more powerful, more hardcore version of the sport-luxury tourer that the Trident marque unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show. In the video after the jump, witness awe-inspiring footage of the GranTurismo S playing ever so gracefully along snaking roads and slow-motion splashing puddles. We’re keeping a space in the Autoblog Garage perpetually free in anticipation of this one.