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Back when General Motors had not yet chosen a name for its new not-a-camino when the Pontiac G8 ST had just been announced, there was a contest.


2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe

Unveiled at the New York Auto Show, the 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coup hard top was designed to expand the success of the convertible model for drivers that want all-season capability.

As reported by Ray Wert:

You knew him as Jazz before he was so handily destroyed — ripped asunder, really — by Megatron. You also knew him as the Pontiac Solstice. But that never quite fit, did it — because he wasn’t a convertible in the movie. Well, now he’s been truly revealed as a production model, and most importantly as a coupe — the 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe to be exact.



Revealed live at the 2008 New York Auto Show, the 2010 Pontiac G8 El Camino had an exciting reception by car enthusiasts.

As reported by Ben Wojdyla:

We had a caminogasm over the weekend when we dropped pics and press on the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST — which we’re sure you’ll vote to call the El Camino — and now we can give you the whole enchilada. The baddest truck-car bound for America just bowed here at the 2008 New York Auto Show and the explosion of flashbulbs has our heads spinning. The most anticipated car here at the show is a freakin’ superstar on the stage and we’re swarming it to learn all the important parts we didn’t know before – like just what kind of toting capacity that bed has. Stay tuned for a bevy of live pics and far more geeking out.

Originally by Ben Wojdyla from Jalopnik on March 19, 2008, 8:45am

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Pontiac Solstice Coupe

Pontiac announced the 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coup as a solution for the difficult-to-use Solstice soft top. The 2009 model will have a targa top with a magnesium frame and SMC plastic shell weighing only 31 lbs.

As reported by Autoblog:

For those who can’t stand the nightmare contraption that is the Solstice top, Pontiac now has an answer for you. Behold the Solstice Coupe. Those who want some fresh air without the hassle of the Solstice soft top can partake in this car’s removable roof panel of the targa variety. The new coupe has looks derived from the original coupe concept that debuted at the same time as the roadster in 2002. While the roof panel doesn’t fit in the car when removed, there’s no need to be concerned (too much) about getting caught in the rain. A soft roof cover can be stashed in the back and put in place in case of a sudden downpour. The hard roof panel has a magnesium frame around the SMC plastic shell and weighs just 31 lbs. Aside from the top, the coupe is pretty much mechanically the same as the roadster. It gets the same 2.4L normally aspirated and 2.0L turbo direct-injected four-cylinder engines with five speed transmissions of the self-shifting or manual kind. If you’re hankering for this hard-top Solstice, you’ll have to wait alongside the Camaro fans until early in 2009 to get one.

Gallery: 2010 Pontiac Solstice Coupe

[Source: General Motors]

Originally by Sam Abuelsamid from Autoblog on March 18, 2008, 5:03pm

Click above to view more high-res live shots of the Pontiac G8 GXP


50-Cent joined Pontiac and Maximum Bob in announcing the new Pontiac G8 GXP hyping its six-speed optional manual transmission, 6.2-liter LS3 Corvette V8 and 402 horsepower.

As reported on Autoblog:

It’s a rare occurrence when honest applause breaks out in a press conference over a new model, let alone a transmission. But that’s exactly what happened when Maximum Bob talked up the Pontiac G8 GXP, and specifically its optional six-speed manual transmission. Mated to that highly coveted cog swapper is the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 pulled from the Corvette, making 402 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. If you opt for the 6L80 auto ‘box, you can check your manhood and an extra two lb.-ft. of torque at the door.


Click above for high-res live shots of the 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe

Pontiac’s Bob Lutz and music artist 50-Cent presented the new 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe with music, lights and much fanfare. They sold the 2009 Solstice GXP Coupe on its performance, economical pricing and luxury interior.

As reported by Autoblog:

A self-effacing and impeccably dressed Bob Lutz took shots at the old Pontiac during the live reveal of the 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe. Busting on the arrowhead’s former taste for cladding and Iron Dukes in the “excitement” product line, Lutz confidently strode alongside a silver 2009 Solstice GXP Coupe as it rolled out amidst fanfare provided by the Young Lords. Strobe lights flashed, music blared – it was like catching the last act of Kimmel, complete with Pontiac Garage signage. The Solstice Coupe replaces the world’s flimsiest soft-top setup with a composite targa panel. 50-Cent also made an appearance and touted the performance of the GXP-trim Solstice, saying “It’s faster than a Porsche Boxster. For $30,000… pick this one, not that one,” while pointing at the Porsche display. The look of the Solstice Coupe is definitely zoomy – think of a C3 Corvette left in the dryer too long and you get the idea. Inside, the feeling is perhaps slightly less claustrphobic, but the general low-budget interior continues, though the GXP on the stand was wearing leather on the seats. The price of entry will still be a bargain when you look at the style it buys (official pricing hasn’t been announced) – and the Coupe may even have enough trunk for an overnight bag.

Gallery: 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe – Live Reveal

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Click above for a high-res live gallery of the 2010 Pontiac Sport Truck

The rebirth of the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck was announced for the U.S. market, marking its first reappearance in over 20 years. Bob Lutz and Fifty Cent sold the case for the new G8 ST and showed off its features.

As reported by Autoblog:

Again with musical accompaniment from the Young Lords, Maximum Bob Lutz heralded the return of the El Camino Pontiac G8 Sport Truck to the U.S. market for the first time in over two decades. Joining Lutz to make the sales case for how wonderful the new G8 ST was Fifty Cent who the company claims is a loyal Pontiac owner. We’ve already heard all the specs on the new Ute, so we won’t bore you with them again here. Click to visit our previous post with all the deets. The platform is a longer wheelbase version of the one under the G8 sedan, and the suspension remains all-independent, although the rear end has been beefed up to provide some load carrying and towing capacity. This thing is no replacement for a Silverado in terms of capability, but for those that need to grab some bags of mulch from your local big box store or tow a pair of jet skis to the lake, the ST provides a much more car like ride and performance pretty close to the G8 GT sedan. The Sport Truck has the same 361-hp 6.0L V8 as the G8 sedan, along with the six-speed autobox through which 385 lb-ft of torque flow to the rear end. Sometime between now and late next year GM will announce what the real name of the ST, is but you can make your voice heard (whether anyone is actually listening is another story) at

[Source: Pontiac]

Gallery: 2010 Pontiac G8 Sport Truck – Live Reveal

Gallery: 2010 Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

Originally by Sam Abuelsamid from Autoblog on March 19, 2008, 6:18am