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Tata will be putting the Land Rover LRX into production.

Among the new vehicles for which Tata has reportedly already given the green light is the Land Rover LRX. Land Rover is expected to bring the LRX to produce the sporty ute at Land Rover’s plant in Halewood, England. Despite the shift in ownership, the vehicles are tipped to still be produced in the UK, although a large government contract to supply India’s armed forces with Land Rover Defenders could result in local manufacturing of that utility vehicle on the subcontinent.

Gallery: Land Rover LRX Concept – Black & Silver


Ford signed a $2.3 billion dollar deal with Tata Motors to sell Jaguar and Land Rover.

According to Automotive News, the deal is done. Today Ford signed a deal with India-based Tata Motors to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover brands for over $2.3 billion. Ford will supposedly announce the deal officially tomorrow (Wednesday), but sources close to the transaction say the receipt’s already been printed, so to speak. While details are scarce, AN does mention that Ford will pump around $598 million into the pension funds for each brand as it sends them on their way. We’re waiting to hear more details about how Ford will continue to supply engines and components for these vehicles, for how long and how much. Right now, however, mum’s the word, as the Blue Oval has only said that, “our first responsibility is to communicate with our employees.” Sorry if they heard it here first, but then again, they should be working now, not reading Autoblog. Right? Right.

[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd]