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It takes two to tango! And our spies have snapped VW and Skoda’s first versions of the New Small Family (NSF) cars hot weather testing together in Death Valley in the US.

Skoda City Car

The smallest Skoda is up and running! The company’s first proper city car will be based on VW’s Up! – and will be its most frugal model to date.

Due to launch after the Up! debuts in 2012, the four-seater is expected to be badged Joyster – taking the name of the original Skoda small car concept from 2006. The urban runabout will rival the likes of the Toyota iQ and Peugeot 107, and will be conventional front-wheel drive after VW ditched the original rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive format. (more…)


Volkswagen will be debuting the youngest offspring of the Polo lineup at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show – the Volkswagen Polo three-door. The Polo three-door is a smaller version of the five-door bestselling Polo model with some new styling on the side windows and a sportier C-pillar that gives it a coupe-like appearance. (more…)

audi_q7_v12_tdi_01Last year, Audi announced the most insane version of its Q7 SUV yet in the form of the V12 TDI. The V12 is an all-new diesel engine that, for now at least, only has a home in the Q7, but at some future date, it may appear in some other VW group products (think: Bentley). The V12 produces 500 hp and a ridiculous 758 lb-ft of torque, enough to get the 2.5-ton SUV to 62 mph in 5.5 seconds. (more…)


Audi is developing a version of the Volkswagen Concept Bluesport, not surprisingly, and according to Automotive News, the design has already been completed. (more…)

The Bologna Motor Show saw the presence of the Volkswagen Scirocco Study R, a possible preview of the production model called the R20T.

Volkswagen’s new Scirocco is rapidly becoming a popular canvas for customizing, and Wolfsburg itself is getting into the act. The Bologna Motor Show has been graced with the Scirocco Study R, which could be a preview of a production version called the Scirocco R20T. (more…)

A top-secret mid-engined sports car is being secretly readied by in the mould of the Lotus Elise – a true people’s sports car in keeping with the brand’s populist roots and wearing a tempting price tag hovering around $35,000.