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Mobileye 560 Accident Prevention System

One of the most important technology breakthroughs last year was in accident prevention systems.  The Mobileye 560 is just the newest version of their outstanding product line.  As an OE supplier for manufacturers such as BMW, Cadillac, Volvo and more, Mobileye is the world’s leading supplier of accident prevention products. (more…)


Volvo’s 2010 C70 looks better with its roof stowed:

Why San Diego? That way you could maximize the amount of time your new C70 spends with its top down. More than three hundred days a year — probably. We say this because we saw some leaked shots of Volvo’s latest hardtop droptop a couple of weeks ago and it looked real nice with the roof stowed. Elegant even. But dude, is this Swede funny-looking with the top up. Viewed from the side, it’s hard to tell which end is which. Only the arching, over-sized headlights lend a clue. (more…)


The line between sedan and sportscar is blurring as the four-door coupe segment sweeps the industry. Shining examples like the Mercedes CLS, BMW CS concept, Aston Martin Rapide and even the Porsche Panamera.


The new micro-hybrid is planned for 2011 as part of Volvo’s environmentally friendly product development.

Volvo’s product development unit is still hard at work, even as Ford has slapped a price tag on the brand. In an effort to develop more environmentally-friendly vehicles capable of meeting stringent emissions regulations on the horizon, the Swedish automaker has been working on some new highly-efficient vehicles. (more…)

The first teaser images of the next Volvo concept were released hinting at the next-generation Volvo S60. The concept, which has yet to be named, will be shown for the first time at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January.

All we get to see right now is the center console that has a hand-made crystal panel. Made by Orrefors, the crystal panel appears to float above the center console and rests on rubber pads that feature lights that can be tailored to the driver’s mood.

Of course we doubt the crystal panel will make it into production but it’ll be nice to see it in action on the concept.


Not a plastic bore like the XC70, the Volvo XC60 has more in common with the XC90. It’s based on the S80 with 200mm cut out of it, and is the same dimension shorter than the XC70.

The next step up the ladder of current design director Steve Mattin’s determination to alter the perception of Volvo design DNA from ‘Do Not Abandon’ to ‘Dramatic New Approach’, it’s really quite a handsome thing. In profile, the pinched, ‘Coke bottle’ sides that first appeared on Horbury’s S80 are even more exaggerated, whilst the SUV-ubiquitous rising belt-line is here so exaggerated that views out for small people sitting in the back are less than wholesome, incurring the B-road risk of more than mud on those carpets.



The price was announced for the Volvo C30 R-Design hatchback. Starting at $25,700 with $745 destination charges. Available features can included DVD-based navigation, bi-xenon headlights, and a Dynaudio sound system.

As reported by Michael Harley.

Following up on our story about the Volvo C30 R-Design at the New York Auto Show, Volvo announced pricing today for its sporty hatchback tunerish trim level. MSRP will be $25,700, plus destination charges of $745. Doing simple math, you can put one of these hot turbocharged Swedes in your garage at a base price of $26,445. Of course, most of you will want to add available goodies such as the DVD-based navigation, bi-xenon headlights, or the Dynaudio premium sound system…and they’ll cost you extra, which will balloon the price into what many consider too dear for a Swedish hatchback.