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Click above for more pics of the Zastava Skala 55

The redesigned Yugo GV made its resurrection as the Zastava Skala 55. The Skala is an economical 5-door car starting at $3900.

The Easter holiday is a time of rebirth, and we can’t think of a better automotive resurrection to celebrate than the Zastava Skala 55. Haven’t heard of the Skala 55? Sure you have! It was sold here in the United States as the Yugo GV, and summarily tarred and feathered for being a $3,900 brand new car. Let’s avoid an epic fight about the past and focus on why we’re so jazzed that the rebuilt Zastava factory is still turning out these crisply styled five-doors. At the recent Belgrade Auto Show, Zastava parked a refreshed Skala 55 at its display and had one of the hits of the show.